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Eve, "Me N My (prod. by Salaam Remi & Benga)" MP3


Um. Has Eve been living a double life? We want to know if any of our UK friends have seen her at dubstep parties lately. Because this beat was mind-breakingly put together by mega keep it real hip-hopper Salaam Remi (famous for his work with Nas) using a beat from UK dubstep powerhouse Benga (from his debut album Diary of an Afro Warrior). How did this happen? We looked on myspace and discovered Salaam Remi does NOT include Benga in his top friends, but he is tight with Jah Snowcone. Once you get over the paper shock of the Eve x Benga idea and the track kicks out its weirdo wobble... it's still confounding. Did Eve and Salaam Remi pay him for this? Were they just puffing on that blue oyster shit, bumping his record and she was preeminently moved to rap about her friends? Eve hits her stride best at the end when she's just yelling "ho! cheayh!" after shouting out her "bitches" a whole bunch. It's encouraging that someone in mainstream music is actually paying some attention to what is happening outside of, you know, the corner of 52nd Street and Hot 97. A couple weeks ago on our radio show Pete suggested that Jay-Z needed to holler at Joker for beats, because it would A. show that he actually knows what is going on in the world and B. be sick as shit. We seriously did not expect this chick to beat him to the punch.

Download: Eve, "Me N My"

Eve, "Me N My (prod. by Salaam Remi & Benga)" MP3