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The Jam Are Buds Once Again


Bruce Foxton, former bassist of legendary English mod punk band The Jam, has decided to make peace with the band's singer Paul Weller. After Weller left the band in 1982, Foxton started the 'reunion' band From the Jam, performing original Jam songs with a Weller imitator, Russell Hastings, in order to keep the dream alive. Needless to say the Modfather was peeved. After all these years, the two are finally on speaking terms again, but on an original Jam reunion, Foxton says, "I don't even discuss it with him, I know the answer." However, he claims a new Hastings-written From the Jam album is a possibility: "If we think we've got enough good songs we will put out an album," he said. "We will push on. I don't know how quickly it will be but we've been going into a little studio and trying. Sometimes nothing comes of it and you think 'I'll just go off and play a round of golf again'. We will see how it goes." And so, the timeless debate continues: which is more important, music or golf? (via NME)

The Jam Are Buds Once Again