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Flaming Lips Announce All Tomorrow's Parties Lineup


Freshly sharpened pencils, lumpy apple slices and All Tomorrow's Parties: it must be back-to-school time! Located in upstate New York at a country club with a capacity of only 2,800, this music festival sounds exactly like the liberal arts colleges I would have sacrificed myself at age 17 to attend. But instead of semesters of boredom and years of loans, this is just one big orgiastic weekend, September 11-13, partially curated by free love-enthusiasts The Flaming Lips.

The Sunday lineup, hand-selected and headlined by the Lips, includes Super Furry Animals, Boredoms, Crystal Castles, Deerhoof with Martha Colburn, and best of all, No Age performing Hüsker Dü with Bob Mould. I'm seeing colors right now. Check out the full line-up here.

In related Flaming Lips news, a new digital EP, titled "Songs from The Future Album Embryonic" is available to ATP ticket purchasers for free, and at basement bargain price for the rest of us. The three-song sampler should get you salivating for their first studio full-length in three years, coming out this fall... It's about damn time.

Flaming Lips Announce All Tomorrow's Parties Lineup