Terence Koh Does Opening Ceremony

If you’ve walked by Opening Ceremony in Chinatown recently, you might have noticed the two nude male mannequins standing in the window entwined in neon tubing. “The Whole Family” installation was created by newlywed Terence Koh, and yesterday, store owner Humberto Leon posted an interesting Q&A with his friend and collaborator, along with behind-the-scene polaroids of Koh at work at play—Koh taking his mannequins by the hand and playfully inspecting their plastic uhm, packets. Apparently Koh does not want the series of shirts he’s designed to be thought of as clothes—he prefers the idea of them being objects, hence the nude models out front. To explain the Pearl Shirt, Koh recites a haiku about a silent pearl that is chasing a rabbit. As far as we know, there is no literature to support the Pink Boy Bullet Hole Shirt, pictured here. As far as wearable objects go though, this one is definitely the most awesome and tangible.

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