Anton Corbijn Publishing Tom Waits Book


Tom Waits has served as an artistic muse for everyone from Jim Jarmusch to Scarlett Johansson, and now photographer/director Anton Corbijn will publish a book featuring over thirty years of portraits of the gravel-voiced troubadour. The 160-page hardcover entitled Waits/Corbijn, will include 75 color and dutone plates as well as lyrics from major Waits albums, and is set for release through Schirmer/Mosel this fall. In case you can’t get enough of these two after this book, keep your eyes peeled for a Tom Waits appearance as the Devil in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, and Corbijn’s follow-up to Control with his second full-length film, A Very Private Gentleman. (via TwentyFourBit)

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  2. thedre says:

    With the dearth of interviews with tom recently, this will have to be our respite. Hell, if I was a Ross Pero zillionaire, I’d get Tom back to do a sequel to Cold Feet, his biggest role, done in the early 80′s I believe. It would start with him finally getting out of jail along with Sally Kirkland. OK, back to reality. More than this book I think many of us out there are still waiting for Tom’s Orphans album to be made into a multi LP box set. And maybe someone will finally mention on it just who was involved in creating the spectral figures on the cover shot. Also, perhaps where he got those news clippings of oddball info that were part of the CD sleeves on the first more expensive issue of Orphans. Maybe someday Tom will talk about Thomas and THomas, a little charity he is in cahoots with another Thomas, whereby books are given to children in Mexico. Schoolbooks, I believe…..