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Chloe Sevigny and Her Red Army


When it comes to dropping a new collection, Chloe Sevigny knows how to make an entrance—and our girl is certainly never afraid to pull in an artsy friend or two for extra pizazz. For fall 09 Sevigny's enlisted the likes of fashion photographer David Armstrong and artist Aurel Schmidt for a special lookbook-slash-artbook called Reds, a follow-up to the Chloe flipbook she released with Mark Borthwick last time around. The new lookbook is one big fashion love letter to red-headed beauties—Lissy Trullie is in there of course, as is up-and-comer Camille, a model we shot in the winter of 2007 with art photographer Martina Ivanow for a models-at-home fashion story. Opening Ceremony have posted behind-the-scene pics from the shoot at Armstrong's Bed Stuy brownstone, along with a few choices pieces of art from the book. Somehow the awesome fluffy animal print sweaters she's designed for next season do look best accessorized with a fizz of ginger hair.


Chloe Sevigny and Her Red Army