Sean Kingston On Chris Brown: “Dey Boy Be Good”

Well, okay…our Jamaican accent is more off point than a baller with a handle, but Sean Kingston has big love for the homie Chris Brown. From alleged blacklists to even more alleged rumors that Rihanna’s got hitmen running and gunning on C. Breezy, it took a babyface (pause) with more suspect gold chains than hits to calm everyone down. In a recent interview with Rap-Up, the rude boy told folks to chillax and mind their own when it comes to judging public figures like Brown and RiRi: “At the end of the day, he’s human. People make mistakes. Let it go. I don’t [believe] in somebody beating a woman, but we don’t know what happened in that car. All I’m gonna say is let the man be him.”

Finally…it took a grip of conversations but the 19-year-old hit the Jamaican patty right on the crust, back the funk up on some Onyx type stuff and don’t become so involved. At the end of the day, Breezy is due back in court at the end of the month to see what type of “punishment” (‘Doug’s’ Roger saw tougher rulings…) he will receive from the assault charges against Ms. “Umbrella, ella, ella.” And if that wasn’t enough, he even dropped the apology video late last month…I wonder what Kingston thought of it…. “He sent the apology out,” the singer added. “I could tell it came from his heart, so they should give him another chance.”

Sure, we try out best not to offer bias and opinionated err…”opinions,” but the bottom line…whether we want to admit it or not…Brown and Rihanna are not “kids.” Come on folks, when it all went down, Rihanna was old enough to cop a Jack Daniels on “Ladies Night” and Breezy could have suited up for war…(and we’re not talking Call of Duty, either…), so leave the kiddy stuff with “Rugrats.” Of course there are a million (well, maybe a hundred) artists and public figures who continue to weigh in on the situation, but Kingston wraps it up ever so nicely…just go ‘bout your normal routine and let them work it out…their albums are still going to sky rocket, sex appeal will be past a hundred, thousand, trillion and they will still be stuck with Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston meets Ike and Tina Turner comparisons on night shows and within inner circles…so laugh it off and be easy!

(For those of you eager to “Stan” Breezy, he’s due back in court for sentencing on Thursday, August 27th…get your photoshop ready!)—Cyrus Kyle Langhorne

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