Nick Hornby to Collaborate With Ben Folds

Nick Hornby, author of High Fidelity and Fever Pitch, has written the lyrics for Ben Folds' next album, which is currently being recorded in Nashville for release next year.

The importance of music in Hornby's life and work has become even clearer since his record store classic; in 2002, he released a collection of essays, titled 31 Songs, about his favorite tracks, including Folds' "Smoke," which focused on the end of a relationship. The pair met in America in 2004 when they co-wrote a song titled "That's Me Trying" for William Shatner's Has Been, which was also produced by Folds.

Hornsby has remarked that his "Foldsby project" comes about naturally: “Sometimes I have a stab at a couplet while making tea or while watching Arsenal beat Bolton. I suppose that’s what Bob Dylan must do, though I have no idea who he supports.” Folds also supports the idea of an organic collaboration, describing the process as such: “I asked Nick if he’d be interested in kicking out enough lyrics for an album. He sends lyrics by e-mail. When I have a moment I stare at them until I hear a song ... My rule is not to revise Nick’s lyrics.”

Folds said that the album was halfway completed and would ultimately include 12 Hornby songs.

Nick Hornby to Collaborate With Ben Folds