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Sartorialist All-Stars

Since Scott Schuman did an interview with a Canadian newspaper last month, we were forced to put the The Sartorialist on a brief RSS-pause. There are many choice quotes in the article, but few more boner-killing than this one: "I'm pretty good at sex. And pretty good at picture taking." Then a copy of his new book floated by our desk this morning, complete with a portrait of our very own sartorial all-star, contributing style editor Mobolaji Dawodu and Voilà!! all is forgiven!!! Other stylish folk that made the cut include extended FADER fam Mister Mort, Diane Pernet protégé Charles Guislain and former FADER fashion editor Julie Ragnolia who also scooped the cover. Besides fashion industry bigwigs the celeb count is pretty much zero, apart from a loving chapter dedicated to fellow sexoholic Kanye West.





Sartorialist All-Stars