HEALTH Announces CD Sweepstakes

HEALTH, everyone's favorite Los Angeles noise rock band, will release its latest album, Get Color on September 8. Not satisfied with a simple release, however, the band has created 66 handmade prize tickets, which will be hidden in the first shipment of CDs. Each ticket will have a unique code that will provide the winner with prizes and merchandise from the band; one "Golden Ticket" will provide the recipient with a 3-night trip to LA, "where the winner's every whim will be attended to." Said "Golden Ticket" trip will include lodging at a band member's house, "as well as various meticulously planned activities culminating in a trip to Six Flags amusement park."

Six Flags with HEALTH?! Sounds like a fantastically weird time.

Other prizes include care packages from band members, "silkscreened posters autographed in blood," a test-pressing of Get Color, LPs from the band's private collections, "gifts from HEALTH's moms including hand-knitted scarves and astrological consultations," personality tests, childhood photos of band members, crank phone calls to other indie rockers, and homemade mixtapes. In addition, "expect some personal, homemade-with-love "it's the thought that counts" prizes including locks-of-hair (band members and cats), childhood toys, fingerprints and magic tricks."

Regardless of what you win, you win big. Kind of my sweepstakes.

HEALTH Announces CD Sweepstakes