Video: Jamie Foxx f. Drake, The-Dream & Kanye West, “Digital Girl (Remix)”

There are three former TV stars in this video, one Dream and a Kanye. Drake shows why he’s on our cover with a covertly wild nerdy first verse, Jamie wears glasses to hide the dollar signs rolling before his eyes, Dream is Dream and Yeezy cleans up with one for the Golden Agers. But the real star of the show? Coo-coo Jade from American’s Next Top Model Cycle 6! Peep her with the gigantic frizz and histrionical non-dance moves. Don’t change a thing, girl. Coincidentally and unbeknownst to even the most psychotic FADER acolytes, Jade modeled in a FADER fashion spread in an issue to rename numberless. If you find it, tell us in the comments and we’ll send you something (broken VCR). (via TSS)

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  1. sexliesandvideotape says:

    Shawty was in issue 20 on that L train shoot lmao. i recognized her in the video only b/c i was reading that over the wknd and was like hrmmm i remember this one. top model to video…ugh (cough) model. BALLIN!

  2. snmt says:

    this is still amazing, six hours later.
    “i just hit alt-tab, switching in between two convos”

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