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Lance Bangs' Family Portrait

For our tenth anniversary issue last December, we talked to a group of people who we really felt were curating FADER culture—music videos, books, clubs, clothes, art, etc. For part of that story, we spoke with David Kramer and Sammy Harkam of Family, a store Los Angeles, who sell basically everything, the physical tokens of what we write about. The store also serves as a sort of meeting place, regularly holding readings and performances. Even before we featured Family, it seeped into FADER, as a setting for some of the No Age photos in FADER #48. Basically, for LA, it is unavoidable (especially if you are looking for zines about werewolves). Videographer supreme, Lance Bangs, similarly inspired by Family's total landslide of cool stuff, made a short documentary about the store for his show on VBS. "If I see something that we had but we're out of it, or if I discover some new publisher, it's like, Holy shit, the store is not complete," Kramer said in our story, and you can see that collection of awesome in the video. Check out part one here and part two here.

Lance Bangs' Family Portrait