Drake Makes It Rain Yeezy, Weezy & Shady

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Don’t get it twisted, you’re still rocking with the best…Suite903, but this thing right herrrre….Drake snagging along Lil Wayne, Kanye West and the Great White Hype, Eminem all on one track? Incredible.

While Drake has gotten everyone from your baby’s mother to your grandmother wanting their panties (and adult pampers) personally autographed, it’s this latest single from LeBron James’ upcoming “More Than A Game” documentary called “Forever” which has literally put the Internet game on pause (minus the police). Although we personally admit Yeezy, Weezy and Shady held their own…the newest R&B meets Rap meets E! meets The FADER…well, you get it…Drake is more than just your average rapper…listen to the audio yourself and follow the leader’s lead:

Download: Drake f. Kanye West, Lil Wayne & Eminem, "Forever"
(via Nah Right)

"Last name Ever, first name Greatest," Drake raps on the introduction to “Forever. "Like a sprained ankle boy, ain't nothin' to play with/Started off local, but thanks to all the haters I know G-4 pilots on a first name basis/N*ggas said he faded off the Brown/Nino, she insist you got more class/We know, swimming in the money come and find me, Nemo -- Dropped the mixtape sh*t sounded like an album/Who'd thought a country ride tour would be the outcome/Labels want my name, sign an 'X' like Malcolm/Everybody got a deal, I did it without one..." ("Forever")

Just for the record, not only do I not know G-4 pilots on a first name basis, I also can’t remember my Apple G4 laptop’s username…Drizzy is living the “Good Life” for sure…so when you total it all up…you have his “Best I Ever Had” collaboration with Lil Wayne. “Off That” courtesy of Jay-Z. “(Untitled)” mystery track with Diddy. “Digital Girl” with Kanye West, and now…without even dropping his debut album Thank Me, Later , he’s already snagged a collaboration with Eminem?

Forget hip-hop’s savior, Drake is changing the game like the Reggaeton movement in 2004 (fortunately, the powers that be [record label executives] actually believe in this trend…)….R&B has been officially injected with such a powerful dose of that “Halle Berry” ‘Make me feel, gooood,’ that we may notice a trend….T-Pain showed a few how to do it, but could we be on the verge of a surge of rapping singers? Hhmmm…well, putting those thoughts to the side…just keep in mind the song is “supposedly” going to be officially released via iTunes Friday (August 28) and the new documentary is set to drop this October… Eh, it’s the Internet, we can’t help with the sprung leaks, but we sure will let you guys know about ‘em! —Cyrus Kyle Langhorne

Drake Makes It Rain Yeezy, Weezy & Shady