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Premiere Stream: The Entrance Band's Self-Titled Album

Some dudes play guitar solos, Guy Blakeslee shreds. It's like the difference between a cashmere rug with the illest pattern and some Target rug you pick up because it's 3.99 and covers a barf stain. As Entrance, he's crafted epic downers around six minutes of weird tangents and made metal okay for folky people. Now, returning as The Entrance Band along with Paz Lenchantin and Derek James, he's reined it all in, harnessed the guitar magic to ridiculously tight drums and bass and turned the whole thing into much more of a group effort. Who knew we'd be able to dance to half of this album and imagine taking acid to the other half? Pre-order the record in various formats here, or pick it up at a record store September 1st.

Fader Presents: The Entrance Band

Premiere Stream: The Entrance Band's Self-Titled Album