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Sub Pop and Nike Release Sneaker


When Kurt Cobain signed with Sub Pop over a decade and a half ago and together they released the definitive rock album of the 90s, he was probably thinking locally. The money probably helped a bit, but ultimately dude was thinking "I really just want to be at a label that's going to enter into a joint-venture with the largest shoe corporation in the world!" Alright, so maybe this wasn't the direction Kurt or co-founder Bruce Pavitt saw the label going, but all kidding aside these things look kind of sweet. And hey, skateboarders listen to early Shins albums too. After all, what good does it do to be half-owned by Warner Brothers if you can't get a skate shoe or two out of the deal. Sure, the two SP logos are a bit excessive. Sure, generic statement about indie rock being officially over and nothing being sacred anymore. We live in hard times. Cash is cash, folks.

(Via: Hypebeast via Daily Swarm)

Sub Pop and Nike Release Sneaker