Fleet Foxes' Drummer's New Song Is Quite Good

Joshua Tillman has ambition. Not only has he been steadily putting out music at a near Darnelle-ian rate over the last five years, but these days he can claim to be a one of the most talented solo cats (better known as J. Tillman) you would probably never recognize on the street. Tack that onto also being a member of a critically acclaimed, bearded indie band you would also probably not recognize if they walked through Times Square in a Flying V formation: Fleet Foxes.

His new track, "Though I Have Wronged You", is a breathtaking apology that seems to take you from bended knee to the river to the church all in one, never coming across nearly as cliche as that may sound. It's an eerily quiet soulful ballad complete with some hand-claps at the end that make us wish we could just craft immaculately timeless pop songs when we mess up with our girlfriend (or whoever he's apologizing to). No matter, this song is more than worth your next three and a half minutes.(Via: Vulture via Stereogum)

J Tillman, Though I Have Wronged You

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Fleet Foxes' Drummer's New Song Is Quite Good