Rob Zombie + Steve McQueen = When Worlds (of Awesome) Collide

Our apologies for the Powerman 5000 reference and the semi-false tease of a headline this is. But even a slightly indirect hook up between these two should warrant the kind of excitement industrial rock intros like "When Worlds Collide" are supposed to and the Powerman dude is technically Zombie's little brother. So there.

Regardless, it's just been announced that the Zombie man has chosen his next franchise to try and resurrect, and this month's lucky winner is 1958's cult-classic "The Blob," a film that spawned Steve McQueen's career, noting a slight shift from horror to sci-fi on Rob's resume.

From the looks of it Zombie has entire artistic freedom on this bad boy, good news for everyone involved. He told Variety his first move will be to remove the Jello-aspect to the Blob himself.

"That gigantic Jello-looking thing might have been scary to audiences in the 1950s, but people would laugh now," Zombie says.

The rest will work itself out after Zombie's busy fall of promoting the Halloween sequel and touring in support of his upcoming album.

(Via: Variety)

Rob Zombie + Steve McQueen = When Worlds (of Awesome) Collide