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Zomby Leaks His Own Song On Twitter


Though it's a radio rip and unfinished, "Little Miss Naughty" is a doozy of a Zomby track that floated around the internet this weekend, after the man himself post it on his Twitter. It sounds like Timbaland with his Southeast Asian music obsession circa 2002. We're surprised to see the faceless, somewhat drama-prone Zomby—don't think we didn't notice when he turned his Twitter private during the kerfuffle over his recent no-show to open for Animal Collective in NYC—put himself on e-blast with the incomplete thought of two minutes. But maybe he realizes he's onto something potentially enormous. Or maybe he just likes to be a tease.

Download: Zomby, "Little Miss Naughty"

Posted: August 31, 2009
Zomby Leaks His Own Song On Twitter