Chris Brown Experiences a Curious Case of Memento

(laugh) At this point it’s practically drop-dead hilarious, right? First everyone goes Wild N’ Crazy Kids over a 30-second clip of Chris Brown saying he doesn’t recall the assault against Rihanna. Now, just a few hours later…oh wait, YES! He has a sudden light bulb go off like Inspector Gadget over his head. All right, granted, we’re being a little too harsh on the little Ike, errr…”tike,” so let’s start from the beginning.

Monday (August 31) morning, a brief clip comes on giving fans a sneak peek of Chris Breezy’s upcoming “Larry King Live” interview. Okay, check. However, being the media and blogs are what they are…the clip was examined closely and we’re left with (thanks to some excerpts via CNN):

"When I look at it now, it's just like, wow, like, I can't... I can't believe that... that actually happened.”

So maybe everyone took his self-shock a bit too serious and ran with it. In a matter of hours (moreso “minutes”), it was, “CHRIS BROWN FORGETS BEATING RIHANNA” and “CHRIS BROWN DOESN’T REMEMBER DOMESTIC DISPUTE” and so forth…well, needless to say…it would only take a few “Shorty Like Mine” ringtone alerts to his celly to break the news…hence (thanks MTV!):

"There have been reports on the Internet that I didn't remember what happened that night with Rihanna," a statement from Brown read. "I want to try and set things straight. That 30 seconds of the interview they used of me was taken from a one-hour interview during which that same question was asked something like four or five times—and when you look at the entire interview, you will see it is not representative of what I said. The first four times—I gave the same answer, which was that I didn't think it was appropriate for me to talk about what happened that night. I said it was not right for me and it really wasn't fair to Rihanna. The fifth time—I just misspoke. I was asked, 'Do you remember doing it?' and I said, 'No.' Of course I remember what happened. Several times during the interview, my mother said that I came to her right afterwards and told her everything. But it was and still is a blur. And yes, I still can't believe it happened because it is not me or who I am, nor is what happened like anything I have ever done before." (via MTV)

So feeling like something out of a deleted scene from “24,” we got the most awkward and indirect retracted statement, if you can even call it that, straight from Chris Breezy. With an upcoming “Larry King Live” special airing on Wednesday (September 2), it should be great to see nonetheless. Not only will he be rocking the baby blue Pee Wee Herman bowtie and sweater, but Breezy is also going to have Mom Dukes (aka Joyce Hawkins) and that bad mother…(shut your mouth) lawyer, Mark Geragos, leading him the entire way through the laid back player, LK…aka Larry King to you and yours.

With hope sprinkled in our cups of SmartWater and the laptops ready to blog about Breezy, the 24-hour countdown has officially begun! —Cyrus Kyle Langhorne

Chris Brown Experiences a Curious Case of Memento