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MGMT, Miike Snow, Illinois and 900 Rappers Soundtrack NBA 2K10


You may think "Electric Feel" doesn't feel like a sports anthem (although I bet they had it cued up at the Grizzly Bear pool party show if Jay-Z stepped in the dodgeball pit). But we've secretly always thought it was the perfect accompaniment to those lime-green throwbacks the Hawks wear from time to time. Sure, they could play basketball if they must, but if the game comes to a sudden halt when MGMT comes on and an all-out rave breaks out at Philips Arena.

So we were right there with NBA2K10 when they decided to put MGMT on their soundtrack/game along with Miike Snow, Ratatat, Illinois and some exclusive hip-hop tracks from Izza Kizza and Donnie Bravo. Check the full tracklist here.

On a sidenote, there's a special feature in the game where you can play as (among other rappers) Kanye West, and his song ("Amazing") is featured in the game. This means in theory Yeezy could be playing a video game as himself at center court of Madison Square Garden with his own song in the background, which has to be some sort of daydream come true for him.

(Via: 2KSports)

MGMT, Miike Snow, Illinois and 900 Rappers Soundtrack NBA 2K10