The Michael Jackson Saga Continues…

Weeks after his passing, the “Michael Jackson Show” continues with more spectacle and controversy over the latest factors relating to MJ which, at the moment, has become the late singer’s final residing place, his California home.

While some speculated it would turn into a theme park filled with the same costumes and themes as “Hook,” the new owner reportedly wanted to go all-out and gain permission to turn the now-historic spot into a “public museum.” Okay, it’s one thing to have President Truman’s Missouri home become a walk-in tour, but even after countless specials and his love-glove sparkle going up at an auction, people are still trying to make a buck out of MJ’s material remains.

Who, oh who could this person be? Mais, c’est le homme qui s’appelle Christian Audigier (Back 2 School kids, study up on your French)… The French designer copped the spot back after MJ passed on June 25th and had a whole line-up of plans for the home, including making it open to the public.

Although fans probably would have stormed into the spot and coughed up $$$ in donations, turns out things didn’t work out quite as expected as reported by SingersRoom:

French designer Christian Audigier recently finalized the purchase of the Holmby Hills home, which Jackson had rented from one of the fashion boss' associates. According to his spokeswoman Michele Elyzabeth, the Ed Hardy creator was denied this request by local authorities to make it a public space.

Ouch…times are hard out there for a designer, but with a documentary headed to theaters later this fall, MJ compilation discs selling through the roofs and Canal Street, New York City vendors retiring off Black Market tees from the late singer, well shucks…can you really knock Audigier’s hustle? ---Cyrus Kyle Langhorne

The Michael Jackson Saga Continues…