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Various Production, "Go Back" MP3


It's impossible to talk about Various Production without mentioning "Trycycle," released last March. That song is a violent, instrumental juggernaut, having its base in dubstep, but finally ending up not as techno, not as house, but the wild dreams of video game freaks. There is truly no better place for "Trycycle" than in some Playstation game of the future. Because of that maniacal flailing, new track, "Go Back" is a bit of surprise. It's about half the length of "Trycycle," is incredibly sparse, with a beat made of creepy keyboard blooping that later gives into faraway sound of quiet traffic. Plus it has vocals. Reaching more from the Burial side of the dark British electronic spectrum than the Joker side, someone who sounds like Francois Hardy's great aunt sings huskily all over the brief song. With Portishead returned and now much more punishing, Various could be the heir to the bummer throne. Make sure to pop this in your iTunes and check the graphic design-y creeptastic artwork.

Download: Various Production, "Go Back"

Various Production, "Go Back" MP3