Au Revoir Simone, “Another Likely Story (Neon Indian RMX)” MP3

New theory: Neon Indian has a rickety old time machine built from ancient Ford Pinto parts. Rather than using it to send himself to, say, the Mesozoic or the beginning of America so he can get all the money, he loads his remixes into the time machine on cassette, sets it to “1982 version of outer space” and blasts them back home. Seriously, there’s no other feasible way his songs sound so authentically like the background music from the language tapes in French class. Guess that fits then that this Au Revoir Simone remix came direct from Le Trippersville, population everyone, its lightweight vocals made gauzier with oscillated Moog-ifying, or whatever awesome thing it is that Neon Indian does. (via GvsB)

Download: Au Revoir Simone, “Another Likely Story (Neon Indian RMX)”

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  1. Matthew Tait says:

    I am a huge italo disco fan and was upset to find out that Neon Indian ripped off of one of the genres most beloved song. I asked them about it on their myspace page but they erased my comments and blocked me. Obviously they are trying to pull a fast one. I wouldn’t care if they credited the song or wrote back to me but they didn’t have the decency to respond so I am going around spreading this information on blogs.

    Listen for yourself and pass the information along if you feel inclined:

    Other than that I really like their album, I just don’t like people that steal.


    - Matthew Tait

  2. leon says:

    holy shit @ matthew tait!!!

  3. wer says:

    @Matthew Tait .
    Why are posting that everywhere???, i already read the same thing posted by you on lastfm,and thousand sites, theyre not stealling nothing, theres a million songs that sound similar to other ones and that doesn’t mean theyre stealling.