The-Dream & Christina Milian: It’s The Baby, Baby

Before the gossip could overflow with rumors and smudged photographs, The-Dream and Christina “Dip It Low” Milian pulled a “Catch Me If You Can” and got hitched earlier this month. Now, as the sites begin to play catch up with the marriage details, there are even more “confirmed” reports splurging everywhere which suggest ol’ girl is having ol’ boy’s son….are we Dreamin’?

So aside from shacking up in Las Vegas a few weeks ago to tie the knot, now there are rumors-turned-confirmations which claim The-Dream has allowed to Milian to take on the role of his latest “Baby Mama” (minus Tina Fey) by the newlyweds expecting their first child together. According to some “reliable” sources, it looks like these claims might actually hold some weight:

“The pregnancy was a surprise, but they were getting married regardless,” a source close to the newlywed couple told US Weekly Friday (September 11). News of the “Elope” singer’s pregnancy follows weeks of speculation over what has appeared to be a growing baby bump.

And just for the heck of it, we’ll go ahead and T-Pain-fuse our R&B coverage by announcing the birth of Lil Wayne’s new baby from actress Lauren London…now, while this, too, was highly speculated, turns out the second-to-latest baby mama couple welcomed in their new life last week:

In an exclusive statement to, actress Lauren London confirmed the birth of her baby boy on Wednesday (September 9). According to London’s publicist, Jocelyn R. Coleman of Favor PR, “Lauren London and Dwayne Carter welcomed their healthy baby boy into the world on 09-09-09. Everyone is happy and well.” Wow…and we thought Kourtney Kardasian would headline the baby mama news as of late. But, as Drake x Stay Strapped Condoms would say to all of you virgies… “Yo what’s going on man. This is your boy Drake and I’m out in the H-Town. You already know. Get informed, not infected. Use Strapped Condoms and save lives. I approve this message. Yeah.” -Cyrus Kyle Langhorne

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  1. La-La says:

    Wow that’s crazy.. I wounder how Nieva feels about this. But big ups to the Dream for bagging home girl because she was no good after Nick Cannon and Christina is a whole level up from Nieva. Dont get me wrong the girl is pretty in her own way but Milian took the cake on the looks contest.. LOL!! Things are just really crazy in black Hollywood right now because Lil Wayne is shackin’ up with ol’ boys ex wife now.. Ha i just love this stuff gives me a reason to be up on my gossip.

  2. Kadeshia says:

    Man this is crazxy are you serious I wouldnt think that they would be the one to get together. Wow thats all I can honestly say right now Christina you are too pretty for this Guy honey but God bless you on your new BABY GIRL.! && Lol I wish ya’ll the best.! and for years to come..just still wondering how did ya’ll get together && how did ya’ll even consider getting married.???????

  3. Kadeshia says:

    I hope ya’ll have a pretty baby.!

  4. Monique says:

    Wow diiss iis really crazy..! Bhut I can diig iit forreal forreal. Bhut all i want to know iis why THE-DREAM..! Diiss iis not a good couple..! Dhats dem so what can I say..! Welp hope ya’ll have a good future together nd hope yhu have a healthy baby girl..! Nd CONGRATULATIIONS..! Hope Ya’ll make iit last forever..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-) ♥

  5. taylor- tay says:

    woW THIs iS SUm super craZY STuff.!! i beliEVE THaT they shOULd havE A BABY 2GETHer bUT THeY ARE A KUte coUPle. even thOUGh i heard ABOUT her having a baby wiTH FABOLOUs… i feel that they are GOINg 2 have a kuTE BABy.. bUT GOOd lUCK and I WONder wat the baby’s namE Is goING 2 BE.!! EVEN THOUGH CHRISTINA Is a pretty gURL She doNE GOT BIgger.. bUT SHe iS STIll beautiful iN HER own waY…

    !~!~LOved BY MANy+plz doNT QUOTE MEh+stiLL loVEs hiM *(ALWAYz wiLl)*