Video: Ghostface Killah, “Stapleton Sex”

Well, hmm. First off, if you work in a formal, corporate, government-operated environment, or basically anywhere that is not at home or The FADER, you probably should wait til you get to the crib to pop this one in the VCR. Direct from his forthcoming R&B album, it is perhaps the nastiest song Ghost has ever written (“My slow jam dick is on Thursdays,” he explains) and paired with the aesthetics of Faster Pussycat Kill! Kill! as viewed through internet era voyeurism. A fetish video with ass-clapping close-ups and ball gags—sorry Starks but you probably won’t be getting a Moon Man for this one—that makes the “Pon de Floor” video that froke out so many of our readers seem like a friendly stroll down Sesame Street. The vintage vibe doesn’t really neutralize the extraness of this footage, and we can’t decide if the video would have been less crazy if it mirrored the song (Ghost having a dirty, rough romp with his girlfriend) or if the bondage girls in the video actually tone it down. Is this sexually empowering on some Susie Bright tip, or are these ladies bound by one man’s fantasy? Is it less nasty with the sound off? We’ll probably be unpacking this one for a couple of days. All we know is, we kind of want to remind the lady in the leather catsuit to make her girlfriend delete the dirty photos off her iPhone, cause you never know where they’ll end up.

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