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Bok Bok & L-Vis 1990, "Night Slugs Dubplates 2009" Mixtape MP3

Brit badboys Bok Bok and L-Vis 1990 have been purveyors of some of our favorite music this year, between getting creative with new, self-coined genres (dubblestep? hyper bass?) and bodying dancefloors and headphones with their regular Night Slugs club nights and mix show on Sub.FM. They're about to drop a Night Slugs EP, so to promo it they made this mix of all their actual dubplates, most of which sounds like seeing yourself getting injected with adrenalin from the vein-and-blood cell point of view a la CSI/House. Sprung with boingy syncopated basslines, triumphant twerky synths, they're working in the most basic confines of genre—bassline, funky, garage, whatever—but have a super fresh, nigh cartoony approach that inspires energy and reflects creativity. Tracklist after the jump. Also if you're in New York, prepare yourself—they're playing a bananas lineup at Santos on November 21 with "purple"/dubstep producer Joker.

Download: Bok Bok & L-Vis 1990, "Night Slugs Dubplates 2009" Mixtape (via Discobelle

01 – BOK BOK – Ripe Banana [Dress 2 Sweat]

02 – Buraka Som Sistema – Generale (L-VIS 1990 remix) [Fabric]

03 – Royal T – Beat Fighter (BOK BOK remix) [No Hats No Hoods]

04 – Hardhead – Toothbrush Country (L-VIS 1990 edit)

05 – BOK BOK – Citizens Of The City Dub

06 – L-VIS 1990 – Zahonda [Sound Pelegrino]

07 – Little Jinder – Youth Blood (BOK BOK remix) [Trouble & Bass]

08 – L-VIS 1990 – Compass [Sound Pellegrino]

09 – Untold – Stop What You’re Doing (BOK BOK edit)

10 – BOK BOK & L-VIS 1990 – Wake Up Early [White]

11 – L-VIS 1990 – Hide [Dress 2 Sweat]

12 – Riton & Primary 1 – Who’s There (L-VIS 1990 remix) [Phantasy]

13 – Egyptrixx- Just Say Really (BOK BOK remix) [Idiot House]

14 – Kingdom ft Shyvonne – Mind Reader (L-VIS 1990 remix) [Fools Gold]

15 – L-VIS 1990 – Changes

16 – Secret Agent Gel – Crew (BOK BOK dub) [Bass Tourist]

17 – Gucci Vump – Sha, Shtil! (L-VIS 1990 remix) [Sound Pellegrino]

Bok Bok & L-Vis 1990, "Night Slugs Dubplates 2009" Mixtape MP3