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Jagged Edge, Not Eaten By Wolves as Previously Assumed

Jagged Edge lrg

Jermaine Dupree once described Jagged Edge as 'if DMX was singing to a girl.' Well, unbeknownst to him, X sang to girls all the time. Well, not as much as he shouted and barked at them, but the comparison wasn't lost on real G's who looked to the Atlanta quartet to voice their heart's flutterings and frustrations. The last we heard from the four, they were putting new music together sans former collaborator Dupree, and were far from finished leaving their mark. Now we have music to prove it. "Full Time Lover" could be the group shaking the rust off, but "Moments In Love" is that southern boy charm shot into outer-space by way of the Art Of Noise's Pure Moods stalwart of the same name. Not sure about the Trina inclusion (old friends maybe?), but we'll take a Gucci Mane feature over Lil Bow Wow any day.

Download: Jagged Edge, "Full Time Lover"

Download: Jagged Edge f. Trina & Gucci Mane, "Moments in Love"

Jagged Edge, Not Eaten By Wolves as Previously Assumed