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Nick Hornby's Latest Muse: Levi Johnston?

It's true. A few weeks back we passed on the sufficiently cool news that Nick Hornby will be writing a good chunk of the lyrics for the next Ben Folds album. Now Daily Intel reports that former Bristol Palin beau Levi Johnston has earned a song dedication spawned from that collaboration. "Levi Johnston's Blues" apparently chronicles the young lad's overnight celebrity and the internal struggle that comes with such a quick rise. Hornby described it to FT: “It’s the tension between his bravado and the panic he must have felt," he says. And because we live in an era where you can basically listen to a band's demo tape before it even exists, here's a bootlegged version of the song on YouTube. Enjoy! (Via: Daily Intel)

Nick Hornby's Latest Muse: Levi Johnston?