Delorean - Ayrton Senna EP

I got off the plane 34 hours ago. Beaches immersed in sunlight surrounded me. People drank from the moment they woke up, each body bathed in a golden hue. Sun would set late, maybe around 7:00 or 8:00 p.m. We’d all go to dinner before buying liters of wine to be entertained by whatever discotheque the night chose. It’s not the real world, sure, but I’ll be damned if we didn’t live those nights like it was.  Arriving back home, where daily concerns amount to more than say, unripe peaches at a fruit-stand, was expected and predictable. Sure, there’s sun back home. But it hides somewhere beneath a legion of dark clouds intent on bleakness. Yet I was unfazed. I got home finding myself strangely impervious to the gloom outside the window. Maybe it was partly due to the post-euphoric state that a tropical climate can induce, or maybe it was the Ayrton Senna E.P. by Barcelona electro-pop quartet Delorean.

The five-song E.P. begins with the insistent “Deli” and iterates a simple thesis: “I like the time I spend with you girl.” The beautiful simplicity of such a statement serves as the album’s manifesto, both thematically and sonically: find happiness in simple pleasures. It’s this dedication to positivity that allows Ayrton Senna to shimmer and glisten without being cloying, to push their tracks relentlessly forward without ever losing our attention.

A perfect summer record, indeed; as much to please an intimate group of friends on a camping trip as an amphetamine-charged dance floor. But awarding Delorean with only the title of an excellent summer record denigrates what is a multifaceted musical accomplishment. Ayrton Senna will please the Cut Copy and Tough Alliance fan alike, along with house DJ’s inclined to Delorean because of the involvement of Barcelona DJ John Talabot. But ultimately, where Delorean transcends particular niches is their innate charm that reaches out to audiences of all types. The most obvious example being the sun-soaked anthem “Seasun”, a track so immediately entrancing that its touchstone crescendo and release almost convinced me summer would never end. The formula is not necessarily surprising, it’s just remarkably effective: chattering synth noises, serene vocals swooning and mixing, electric hand-claps and percussion refusing to sit still until an almost-comprehensible vocal loop hits. I can decipher the word “sun” and that’s about it, but this reticence only opens the doors for personal interpretation further.

I’m utterly impressed. Delorean have clearly mastered their composition leaving us only wanting more. The Ayrton Senna E.P. is infectiously positive, affording your mind the chance to transport itself somewhere placid, and whether that may be home or on a beach, Delorean are happy to take you there.

—Michael Cranston

Delorean - Ayrton Senna EP