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Stream: Lily Allen, "22 (Big Pink Remix)"

In the video for the original version of "22," a well made up Lily Allen continues to make herself up in the mirror at a club, and she sees back the older, grimmer version of herself. Which, honestly, isn't all that grim. But the rougher version of her does look more like she'd be interested in this remix of the track by fellow Brits, industrial strength duo Big Pink. Their new drums sound like whips and the replaced guitar sounds like an alarm in Star Wars, like they've forcefully taken down the original. But Allen still sounds bubbly. Somehow, Lily Allen is not annoying. At all. It seems like she should be. Maybe it's because she's not ours—British people, is she inherently annoying to you?—but she just seems too charming to let her incessant good nature grate. She's nearly 30 now, and she's out every night she sings, and, maybe in the original it was demeaning, but as gruff as this remix sounds, Allen can't fault a girl for trying. (via Stereogum)

Stream: Lily Allen, "22 (Big Pink Remix)"