Whitney Houston "Million Dollar Bill"

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This has been one mighty week for Ms. Whitney Houston. After her two-part tell ALL interview with Oprah on Monday and Tuesday, she has released a new video for her second single, “Million Dollar Bill.” It’ss youthful and fun and about how you feel when you’ve found the One. We can safely say that Bobby Brown may have not been the subject of this song for old Whit, but with all of her positive changes, who’s to say the real One isn’t in the stars for her. If you caught a glimpse of the interview earlier this week, you may have been surprised at how open, honest and candid Ms. Houston was, and you will also be as happy for her that the life she was getting too used to has changed dramatically and for the better! Welcome back Whit!

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  1. Jada Fesus says:

    Watched her Birmingham perf on youtune. The “I Will Always Love You” performance bombed in a few places, but nowhere near as awful as the press is making out. Hey! some of the other songs eg ‘I will always love you’ were good. Admire her for not lip sync-ing. Go Whitney! we’re rooting for ya!