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Andrew Weatherall, FACT Mix 85 MP3


When we recently chatted with Andrew Weatherall, he told us he based the lyrics for his debut solo album, A Pox on the Pioneers (released today), on noir films and Dashiell Hammett novels, then told us a story about a Naples mafia boss who was stabbed in the kidneys with knitting needles at a banquet. And it was hilarious! His classically morbid British sense of humor matches his epic moustache/suspenders. Weatherall, as you likely know already is an epic DJ, produced and or remixed people like Primal Scream, My Bloody Valentine, Bjork, et al and is one half of Two Lone Swordsman. Perhaps as a companion piece to the excellent Pioneers, his FACT magazine mix is titled A Pox on the Influences, and you can hear how his meticulous songwriting, multi-dimensional production and fundamentally punk ethos have drawn from the tracks included.

Download: Andrew Weatherall, "FACT Mix 85" MP3 (via FACT Magazine)

Andrew Weatherall, FACT Mix 85 MP3