Dame Dash presents: The Blakroc Project

In the past few years, Dame Dash hasn’t really been a name to tie to a lot of great music projects. I hear his name and see a video link and figure its probably an old video of him going off in a label meeting, or telling stories on his ex-homeboy Jay-Z. I can admit that I haven’t been too fond of him personally, but I must say I’m quite fond of his latest endeavor. Coining it the Blakroc Project, he’s paired his “new favorite band,” The Black Keys (not that one) with hip hop artists The Mighty Mi (of Hi & Mighty), Mos Def, Rza, Pharoahe Monch, Raekwon, Jim Jones, Q-Tip, Billy Danze and Nikki Wray. You guys remember Nikki Wray, aka Nicole Wray…aka “Make It Hot”? Yes her! That said, this is definitely something I’m checking for. And from the footage and sound above, its seems like this is going to be one soulful album. The Blakroc Project is currently scheduled for release on Black Friday, November 27th.

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