Flaming Lips = Fur Eggs, Naked Cyclists, Vaginal Birth!

Sure, Wayne Coyne and his band of Okie freak punks have done just about everything. Playing inside magic bubbles, shooting confetti in your face while dancing with yetis and even making a movie about what Christmas would be like on Mars, just to name a few. But you know what they haven't done? You guessed it: they have yet to go for a nudie bike ride with hundreds of fans around the base of an Oregonian Mountain. Fortunately for the Lips, their desires will come true this Wednesday, September 23rd, at Mount Tabor in Portland when they shoot the video for Embryonic single "Watching the Planets." The concept for said video is exactly what you'd expect from a band whom emerges from an projected vagina from bubble, and a lot of that plays into the concept. Notes Coyne, who will cover his beloved bubble in wookie hair, "it's going to look like some giant fur egg, and the people on bicycles are gonna sort of be born and erupt out of this fur, vaginalistic thing." The Flaming Lips will release Embryonic tomorrow, and if your spine hasn't slithered out from your body after the first disc, and you find yourself in the Portland area, you might as well join the cult. Additional info below.

Flaming Lips naked bike video shoot
Wednesday, September 23, 10am - 10pm (drop-in)
The top of Mount Tabor, by the basketball courts
No RSVP needed. Just show up wearing clothes, please.
For more information, contact: bikeforthelips@gmail.com

Flaming Lips = Fur Eggs, Naked Cyclists, Vaginal Birth!