Two’s Company, Three’s Fabolous

Ryan Leslie? Check. Ne-Yo? Check. F-a-b-o-l-o-u-s? Da-da-da-da-daaaammmn!!! Fellas hold your (whoa), ladies rub your (whoa), because according to R. Les, it’s looking like dreams of a Ne-Yo/Fabolous collaboration album have just been decked out like a decent Honda and Xzibit’s “Pimp My Ride” throwback episode…

Let’s get focused for a second. It’s one thing when blogs and “unknown sources” suggest these things, however, when these words actually stem from the horse’s mouth? Well, let’s give Cassie’s (former) boy-boy give us the scoop:

“We’re talking about a triple-team collaboration that’s really gonna hurt the game,” Leslie told MTV News last week. “"It's not gonna be a project that's thrown together. It's gonna be a real roundtable, and we're gonna talk about really putting something in the atmosphere that contributes something that's never been done before."

And you thought Diddy’s Dirty Money group would push units, ha! Just imagine…Fab lacing the bars, Ne-Yo on the chorus and Ryan Leslie spicing up the hook? Sounds almost too good to be true…however, even Fab said the project is a go.

Only time will tell, but this could be one of those 1-2-3 punches giving fans a real Mike Tyson Punch-Out effect if pulled off correctly…(we see you Mayweather, congrats!) -Cyrus Kyle Langhorne

Two’s Company, Three’s Fabolous