Video: Drake f. Kanye West, Lil Wayne & Eminem, “Forever”

This is about as much of an event in the music video world as it gets these days. And it premiered on the internet as far as we’re concerned. Still can’t decide who has the best verse. Let us know in the comments.

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  1. tha truth says:

    eminem. no question.

  2. blitz says:

    eminem indeed, plus he’s got slaughterhouse behind him in that video!

  3. Bryan says:

    Kanye and Drizzy did their thing, but Eminem stuffed this beat in the trunk.
    Wayne doesn’t get the nod cuz everybody else was standing while him and Baby were just DC chillin…

  4. cC says:

    Em killed it. Or was it just his backdrop? DETROIT↑

  5. Safari says:

    Em is a monster.. never listened to the complete song until today.. and Eminem is on top of his game..

    DP drops a gem on rankin the verses:

  6. Addie says:

    I’ll be the counter argument, but just because Em rapped fast doesn’t make him the best. Drake had the best content, Kanye is still eh, and Wayne is on a vacation from rapping seriously since Tha Carter 3. Altogether though, this is a monster of a track.

  7. silas aka simon says:


    what the fck was hype doing the only thing missing was some shinny suits, why is lebron playing poker in the beginning of the vid, could the editing with the pics and footage being any worse like after they shot the vid someone said u know we got to put some of lebron in the vid…

    i dunno i was excited about this vid but atleast slaughter house got a cameo

    em hoodie > drakes hoodie

  8. seb says:

    Yeah what Addie said about Eminem.

    imo there is no way that he wrote that verse for that beat. It was obviously a leftover from Relapse. He isn’t even listening to the vibe of the track one bit.

    Drake is the most entertaining, Yeezy & Weezy both put is solid performances. Eminem sucked on this song (although he does look dope in the clip with slaughterhouse behind him)

  9. sexliesandvideotape says:

    Im not going to disagree for the sake of being against the norm. Eminem’s verse is the best imo but the better point is when’s the last time we had a song with 4 rappers where there could actually be a discussion about who had the best verse. Also everyone but Em looked weird rapping standing up. Take a cue from Weezy and just rap next to some bitches. The “angry” arm movements are awkward. Kanye is rubbing his head in…frustration??? Rappers are not actors: sit down! but enough lets get to the real point:


  10. Myke says:

    The Song is For Lebrons Movie. More than a game! Thats Why the Lebron Montage.

  11. sexliesandvideotape says:

    ahhhh…learn something new everyday. The poker cameo in the beginning makes sense because…

  12. PSHOW says:

    wayne’s verse? forgettable.

    kanye’s verse? unfortunate rape metaphors with whiny, disingenuous “you can have it back” sentiment that sort of sours the song’s excitement for coming up

    so that leaves em and drake.
    no doubt em brings the most drama. the whole track gets that 4th-quarter seriousness as soon as he opens his mouth. but we’ve heard this before, it’s too 8-mile.

    gotta give it to drake. he mixes it up with those pauses and finishes stronger than anyone.
    and then there’s the finding nemo rhyme. killer.

  13. naqeeb says:

    Eminem wants this forever mayne. He gets my vote.

  14. Jeremy Hand says:

    If these guys actually spit together it might be nice…however, we can be sure they didn’t. I don’t think any one MC bested the rest, and although it’s still kind of cool to hear Em go all motormouth, it’s not anything new.

  15. me says:

    why is eminem even on this track?

  16. Jon J says:

    PSHOW is on point with his commentary. It comes down to Drake and Em by default. But Em’s verse does sound like it was written for another song. The only part of Kanye’s verse I liked was the Rav4 line, but he loses points for the corny rape metaphor (I didn’t even know it was possible to make a corny rape metaphor…) and the fuzzy logic on the Michelle’s husband line.

  17. Pancho Villa says:

    1. Em, 2. Weezy, 3. Kanye, 4. The looser

  18. Jon J says:

    my bad, the rav4 line was that other track, so yeah, the verse was even worse

  19. bad news brian says:

    I have no idea what they were thinking when they cut this video, the lebron footage looks HORRIBLE. Doesnt work at all….waynes verse looks like shit too.

    Em wins hands down, from his verse to his demeanor in the video completely. Im excited to see where em is going now, and when i first heard his verse i played it over and over and over for days.

  20. Hustler127 says:

    Eminem Killed! Wayne was a beast! Kanye was original and Drake showed them who runs this Town! Best Track Today

  21. Rude says:

    Em schooled all of them. Drake was dope but weezy and yeezys verses were like fillers.

  22. frankie says:

    C’mon … with this crew, Em could fart and whistle and it’d be the best verse. Those other three dudes isn’t even in the same league. And I’m not saying that because I’m an Em fan … just … Kanye, Drake and Wayne are all SO overrated it hurts.

    Now gimme a song with Em, Jay-Z and T.I. and we can have a discussion.

  23. Chris says:

    def the drake verse. I still have Eminem so high up on the pedestal, from back in the day. I’ve never loved a drake song ever, and his verse was tight. Everyone did one I guess the kanye verse wasn’t worthless. Weezy says what he wants and he hasn’t tried in a year or more. So I think the Drake verse was the best. The eminem verse was tight though. Hannibal shit, and yes we have been waiting.

  24. SEXYRED$ says:

    wow em killed the shit fa real i mean…..damn kanye was still on that kanye shit but em n drake tore the fucken video out of place and really what the hell did lebron HAFT 2 DO WITH THE FUCKEN SONG but drakwas a little gangsta

  25. SEXYRED$ says:


  26. Jessica from my Hood says:

    Ok the by Far best part is Eminem’s BY FAAAAARRRR!!!! he is the best white rapper eva!!! no no no he is the ONLY white rapper… Eminem is my god!!! HELLS YA!!

  27. Kim Handler says:

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  28. coochiemamma says:

    Eminem kills it no doubt, every song he touches is better because of him and this song’s no different