Jonathan Lethem Tours Behind New Novel, Does Other Generally Cool Things

The Tripwire offices are located in lower Manhattan, and we have to admit when we make the short trek over to Brooklyn the line sort of blurs in our heads between what spots we've seen many times before and what spots were just brought into such vivid detail in our minds from the prose of author Jonathan Lethem. Yeah, that's right. In case the headline didn't tip you boneheads off, this is a book post.

Lethem achieved national notoriety for novels like A Fortress of Solitude and Motherless Brooklyn, but as you can tell by the latter title reference, often kept his home borough near and dear to his heart. Lethem now has eight novels to his name (along with plenty of other short story collections, essays and a novella), and his ninth, Chronic City, is due for release on October 13. And oh yeah, he's not too shabby at the music writing either. To coincide with its release, Lethem is going on a pretty substantial book tour that will include readings, signings and discussions along the way, beginning with the New Yorker Festival in late October.

10.16 New York, NY @ New Yorker Festival
10.20 Brooklyn, NY @ Book Court
10.21  New York, NY @ NcNally Jackson
10.22 Brookline, MA @ Brookline Booksmith
10.25  Portland, OR @ Powell's Books
10.26  Seatle, WA @ University Books
10.27 Los Angeles, CA @ LA Public Library
10.28  San Francisco, CA @ San Francisco City Arts & Lectures (In Conversation with Paul Lancour)
10.29  Berkely, CA @ Moe's Books
10.30 Denver, CO @ Tattered Cover
10.31 Austin, TX @ Texas Book Festival
11.02 Washington D.C. (Location T.B.D. for Pen/Faulkner Reading)
11.05 Brooklyn, NY @ Greenlight Books
11.06 Ann Arbor, MI @ Borders
11.08 Chicago, IL @ Chicago Humanities Festival
11.10 St. Louis, MO @ Left Hand Books
11.12 Philadelphia, PA @ Philadelphia Free Library
11.13  New York, NY @ CUE Foundation Gallery
11.15  Miami, FL @ Miami Book Fair
11.17 Brooklyn, NY @ Spoonbill & Sugartown
11.21  Manchester, VT @ Northshire Books
12.04  Brooklyn, NY @ Book Court (with special guests)


Jonathan Lethem Tours Behind New Novel, Does Other Generally Cool Things