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Reznor, Numan Collabo

NIN at The PalladiumIn what is sure to put a smile, or at least a light smirk, on the faces of Goths the world over, Gary Numan told The Quietus that he and Trent Reznor, CEO of Nine Inch Nails Incorporated, are set to record a few tracks. Notes Numan, "Probably just a few songs to start with and see how it goes on. It'll be cool." Numan, who recently made an appearance onstage with NIN at one of their final shows, also said how surprised he was to find the NIN family so warm and jovial."It was was just really warm and friendly, and Nine Inch Nails and warm and friendly don't necessarily go together!" That said, is it possible that the collabo between two of the most morbid, synth obsessed musical icons could result in a Yahowa 13 record full of peace, love and guyliner tunes?

Numan joining NIN for "Cars" in London.

Reznor, Numan Collabo