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Kanye West To Rehab?


The latest round of Kanye publicity (as so ingeniously generated by his crazy-ass moves at the MTV Video Music Awards) is focusing on the singer's alleged drinking problems, suggesting that Kanye might best be served by heading to rehab to deal with his supposed alcoholism. Such chatter is based on Kanye's possession of a bottle of Hennessey cognac bottle while walking on the red carpet at the VMAs, which he apparently drank in its entirety (and whose influence is purported to explain and justify his later outburst). Celebrity gossip magazines are saying that West plans to head to rehab once he finishes his upcoming tour with Lady Gaga.

Courtney Hazlett at MSNBC argues that rehab shouldn't be viewed as "just another way to say you're sorry," pointing to Mel Gibson and Michael Richards as examples where "headline-making slurs aren't erased by any such stint." I would agree wholeheartedly and would also add that this is not the first time that West has stooped to such a level (remember his berating of Justice when they "robbed" him of another MTV award?) and therefore maybe it can't all be blamed on the alcohol.

Posted: September 29, 2009
Kanye West To Rehab?