Weezy Guests on Weezer's Raditude, Adds Missing Rad

First, there was the album title: Raditude. Then, there was the explanation for said ridiculous title: Rainn Wilson (Dwight from The Office) came up with it. Now, for its next act, Weezer has unveiled a guest artist on its upcoming album: Weezy. Because Weezy and Weezer are a match made in heaven. Little Wayne recorded a guest rap on the album to give the particular song a certain "edge," according to frontman Rivers Cuomo, who kept the track title secret.

"We got Lil Wayne to come in and do a rap on it," he said. "Any other rapper would've just done, 'Yay, we're partying! Let's drink and have fun,' but he gave it the edge I was looking for. You can hear in his voice, it sounds so dark, like he was gonna get shot or something when he walks out of the studio. So I was real happy that everyone involved got what we were going for."

This guest spot, along with various other developments in the band's latest album, represents a turning point for Weezer, who desire to do something "different" this time around. "We loved that album, but this is 2009," Cuomo said. "It's time to do something totally different. So I reached out to some friends of mine in different genres: Jermaine Dupri, for example, king of R'n'B, I wrote a song with him called 'Can't Stop Partying'. It was a real challenge for me, taking his ideas, which are very slick, R'n'B party, and giving it some kind of edge, some darkness, making it work with rock, making it work with Weezer."

So, ultimate conclusion: Weezy and Weezer want you to party like it's 2009. Be warned.

Weezy Guests on Weezer's Raditude, Adds Missing Rad