Amanda Palmer Explains How This Whole Music Thing Works Now, Takes Money Orders

Amanda Palmer (of Dresden Dolls fame), in a blog post on her website in which she refers to herself as shameless and fearless, basically proposes and defends a (sort of) new business model for the musician that cuts out the record label as middle man. However, if this sparks an interest for any sort of formal doctrine she may want to take out a couple f-bombs here and there Some highlights....

"artists used to rely on middlemen to collect their money on their behalf, thereby rendering themselves innocent of cash-handling in the public eye.

artists will now be coming straight to you (yes YOU, you who want their music, their films, their books) for their paychecks."

"if you think i’m going to pass up a chance to put my hat back down in front of the collected audience on my virtual sidewalk and ask them to give their hard-earned money directly to me instead of to roadrunner records, warner music group, ticketmaster, and everyone else out there who’s been shamelessly raping both fan and artist for years, you’re crazy."

"i believe in the future of cheap art, creative enterprise, and an honorable public who will put their money where there mouth is, or rather, their spare change where their heart is."

"i stood almost motionless on a box in harvard square, painted white, relinquishing my fate and income to the goodwill and honor of the passers-by.... some people used to yell “GET A FUCKING JOB” from their cars when they drove by me.
i, of course, could not yell back. i was a fucking statue, statues do not yell."

The last one is more a frame of reference from her street performer past than a useful detail on her financial plan, but the "statues do not yell" but makes us chuckle. So there. Read the full post here. (Via: Daily Swarm via

Amanda Palmer Explains How This Whole Music Thing Works Now, Takes Money Orders