Andrew W.K. No Longer Playing Churches To Avoid Arousal

The ever-eccentric Andrew has changed the venues for two of the shows on his current tour (D.C. and Toronto respectively) away from the houses of the holy because of some sort of simultaneously spiritual and sexual experience he recently had within one. From the man himself...

A couple days ago I had a really intense personal experience and it made it very clear to me that I cannot and should not play on the main alter of a religious temple. Please understand, I have nothing against religion or temples of any kind. In fact, I love going to churches and hearing music there – but I can’t play my music on that sort of stage after what happened the day before yesterday.

The best I can do to describe my experience, is to say that the world opened up to me, and I received it, as Spirit and Love and of course, a lot of fun and pleasure. It was a sexual feeling, and I just didn’t feel right about bringing that onto a holy stage. My choice to move the venues is out of respect for this feeling, for myself, and my body, and for the alters themselves.

Our thoughts exactly. (Via: Daily Swarm via Punk News)

Andrew W.K. No Longer Playing Churches To Avoid Arousal