J.Holiday Serves Up “Ether” To Drake

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Why do we always fall victim to these stunts? But being the ample news providers to you R&B heads out there, we have to stay on our toes like a Ballerina © Lloyd Banks. Turns out this newly released track called “Brand New” (No Rhymefest, relax…) dropped over the weekend and it’s J.Holiday going the “Ether” route on Drake. Rather than opting out of doing the typical “Bloggers Gone Wild” move and explaining why J.Holiday’s credibility does not stretch longer than giraffe necks, let’s just break down a few of the lines from the track and hold our breath until @JHoliday confirms/denies the record is really his.

First up, there is the ‘oh so original’ cursing and smooth tone which only an R&B kid (T-Pain, you don’t count) could do, right J?

“Ain’t trying to start no drama but I’m through with it/Can’t stand those rap niggas who tryin’ to sing/Tryin’ to take what’s mine/Always in my shine…Tell me when you will just rhyme/Spit your 16’s just right/Stop trying to do me.”

Wow. Uhm…could we have had a “pause” insert following that last bar? In all truthfulness, we know that’s not J. Holiday but can’t say it’s “not” him yet, the jab isn’t too bad. Or at least, it’s not as bad as, let’s say, T-Pain’s “Karaoke” diss track—which was Jay-Z’s “Death of Autotune” before “Death of Autotune— to all rappers including 50 Cent, Yung Berg, Snoop Dogg and your other favorites.

Continuing on with the two-minute song, the “alleged” Holiday diss track serves up a few Nice & Smooth-toned slams:

“See it’s time to make a change/You’re fucking up the game/Why can’t y’all do something brand new…Ain’t trying to talk no politics/But y’all not serious about this music shit/And I can’t understand how y’all be making hits/Seems like you don’t grind, famous over night/There’s other niggas who deserve your spot…even some of them paved your way.”

While there are insider blog heads saying this record is a publicity stunt on Holiday’s behalf, others are already laughing straight to the cyber-banks claiming this is a failed attempt by some R&B kid being labeled “J. Holiday” while the proof doesn’t match the pudding…wait, that makes sense, right?

Regardless, whether this is Mr. “Bed” or an up-and-comer trying to take a shot at Drizzy, they should take a second and wash their face-off and check out what Drake has done for both hip-hop plus R&B…from creating a fusion between both genres, sparking a more centered focus on fashion and appearing on one of the most relevant magazines out right now, The FADER, it’s time for everyone to pay homage… Or as Hov would say, ‘Do not throw rocks at the throne…’ It’s officially Year of the Drake! -Cyrus Kyle Langhorne

J.Holiday Serves Up “Ether” To Drake