Weird Indie-Dudes Doing Stuff with GZA Now Only One Collabo Away From Becoming a Fake Trend


Seriously though, is this becoming a thing now? Like the Black Lips before him, Devendra Banhart revealed to Paste that he’ll likely be collaborating with the Gza on an upcoming track. They’ve even gone back and forth a few times already in the writing/sketching process. Aside from that, details are sparse, but there were some entertaining bits. One, Gza heard Banhart’s single “Baby” from Rza and independently felt compelled to freestyle over it. Two, this partially spawned from a party Rza and Banhart both DJ’ed separately. And three, when the two met they (logically) discussed atomic energy in depth. Still though, weird stuff. Maybe Liquid Swords has just been coming up on everyone’s shuffle at the same times… (Via: Paste)

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  1. The atomic energy thing isn’t as weird when you consider rza/gza in a movie scene with Bill Murray discussing alternative medicine…