Christina Milian To The-Dream: “It’s The Baby, Baby”

First it was Lil Wayne, nah, we like to say Weezy, then it was Mariah Carey, then it was Weezy again and now, behold…a lady by the name of Nick Cannon’s ex-wifey Christina Milian has confirmed what we all knew was true for quite some time…a baby is on the way courtesy of The-Dream.

Now, we could pull a whole bunch of cross reference jokes about how she was a “Shawty” before she turned “10” which would likely put on lockdown by the federal government, so…we’ll keep it short and simple and tell you what we “know.”
Christina…the floor is all yours:

"My husband and I are expecting," said Milian, who People Magazine notes is already sporting a baby bump. "We're about four and a half months along, about 19 weeks. We're really excited."

So turns out prior to them tying the knot over the summer in Las Vegas, Milian was already rockin’ that baby bump on the low-low-low which maybe was a reason for The-Dream to go the Nick Cannon route by announcing his upcoming “retirement” after this third solo project drops to become a full-time nanny Daddy.

Aside from The-Dream getting ready to flip the game on some Black Album-type goodbye, the checks should still be coming in since the R&B couple have teamed up for Milian’s forthcoming Elope album which should invade retail stores around early first quarter of 2013 if the world is still around 2010.

Only time will tell, but as it turns out…the entertainment industry is stacking up newborn babies like a Bravo Channel Celebrity Poker challenge. Ante up? -Cyrus Kyle Langhorne

Christina Milian To The-Dream: “It’s The Baby, Baby”