Animal Collective to Reissue Campfire Songs, Sneak S'mores

Animal Collective will release its 2003 album, Campfire Songs on January 26 of next year via its own Paw Tracks label. Inspired by its going out of print on the original Catsup Plate label, the band decided to reissue it and "keep it in print for as long as possible." The record itself is a concept album that attempts to bring its songs forth from the flame: "We wanted to give the music the feeling and atmosphere of the outdoors and the warmth of a fire, so people could bring it indoors."

The five songs on the EP were written and recorded over a five-year period, and were completed in the apartment that three of the band members shared (Geologist did not play on the record). Recording took place on a screened-in porch in Maryland using portable mini disc players to capture "the ambience of trees blowing in the wind, the birds chirping and the insects in the area to become an integral part of the sound flow."

Thus, we have Animal Collective: Back to Nature. Or Animal Collective: Au Naturel.

Track listing:
1. Queen In My Pictures
2. Doggy
3. Two Corvettes
4. Moo Rah Rah Rain
5. De Soto De Son

Animal Collective to Reissue Campfire Songs, Sneak S'mores