Exclusive: King Khan - Desert Mile


Stripped of the Shrines, the Almighty Defenders and regular co-conspirator BBQ Show (aka Mark Sultan), "Desert Mile" finds King Khan going back to basics. However, in this case it doesn't mean a one-man, three-chord garage stomper, rather a jangly downtrodden number, fleshed out by Khan and a mysterious female backing vocalist. The two reminisce about love lost and searching for a place to call home, at times giving "Desert Mile" the feel of a Lee Hazelwood-Nancy Sinatra collaboration, a nod to the classic American song. Surely Khan's country-western leanings shouldn't surprise anyone, as his understanding and consistent re-contextualization of uniquely American genres (doo-wop, garage, soul, punk) has proved Khan an apt educator for children looking to delve into the annals and archives of radio stations come and gone. "Desert Mile," along with an interview with Khan dubbed "We're bending the spoons of our minds!," appears on the forthcoming Viva Radio The Best of Me + You Vol.1, along with fifty-plus other interview/exclusive cuts recorded on Viva Radio, featuring takes by Fiery Furnaces, Growing, Tyvjk, Amazing Baby, Jennifer O'Connor, Dark Meat, Fiasco and Khan co-conspirators the Black Lips.

King Khan, Desert Mile

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Exclusive: King Khan - Desert Mile