Manu Chao Recorded a Live Album in a Roman Amphitheater

Manu Chao will release a double live album/DVD set, titled Baionarena and recorded at the Roman amphitheater in Bayonne, France on November 17. Reflecting an epicness appropriate for the setting, the album will be comprised of 33 tracks, and the DVD will feature the concert in its entirety along with bonus materials like music videos and a behind-the-scenes video tour diary that follows the band across the globe.

Additionally, Manu Chao has released a "La Colifata" benefit project, which is available for sale (at a price determined by the individual buyer) at Donations support the Buenos Aires-based radio station, which is based in a psychiatric hospital. Manu has been working with the organization for years and recently produced an album recorded by the station's members. La Colifata uses media as therapeutic treatment, creating a link between the clinical and external worlds that allows its patients to reconnect with the outside world and people in it.

Track listing for Baionarena:
Disc 1
1. Panik, Panik
2. El Hoyo
3. Peligro
4. Casa Babylon
5. Tumba
6. Mr. Bobby
7. La Primavera
8. Radio Bemba
9. Bienvenida a Tijuana
10. El Viento
11. The Monkey
12. Clandestino
13. Desaparecido
14. Rumba de Barcelona
15. La Despedida / Mentira

Disc 2
1. Rainin' in Paradize
2. A Cosa
3. La Vacaloca
4. Hamburger Fields / Merry Blues
5. Tristeza Maleza
6. Dia Luna, Dia Pena
7. Machine Gun
8. Volver, Volver
9. Radio Bemba / El Dorado 1997
10. Mala Vida
11. Sidi H'bibi
12. Radio Bemba
13. Bobby Fuerza / Mr. Bobby
14. Me Quedo Contigo [Si Me Das a Elegir]
15. La Vida Tombola
16. L'hiver Est La
17. Crev' La Vie
18. Pinocchio [Viaggio In Groppa Al Tonno]

Manu Chao Recorded a Live Album in a Roman Amphitheater