Simpsons Creator Curating ATP, Lisa Simpson Avant Sax Troupe?


Simpson’s creator Matt Groening is set to curate the first weekend of All Tomorrow’s Parties, May 7-9 2010 at the venerable Butlins resort in Minehill, England. Unlike Pavement, who curate the next weekend, this isn’t Groening’s first rodeo, as he curated the second Stateside ATP in 2003, selecting acts like Cat Power, !!! and Sonic Youth to round out his lineup. ATP, so incestuous. No stranger to musical guests or whats expected at ATP, let’s just hope that Groening pulls out all the stops for the UK installment, including, and believe me our fingers are crossed, Lisa Simpson and Bleeding Gums Murphy performing Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew as part of ATP’s longstanding Don’t Look Back series.

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