Tom Waits Live Album Even More Bizarre Than One Could Reasonably Hope

When you first read that Tom Waits' Glitter and Doom Tour was getting the live album treatment, from -Anti, your best hope was probably for one or two interludes of weird musings and stage ramblings from the man himself. But never in your (certainly not our) wildest dreams could you have fathomed a full second album of such material (as one long track aptly called "Tom Tales"). It's such a novel idea you almost wonder if someone who edited footage together of all the shows for -Anti just did this in his spare time for kicks and then the label realized this had the potential to be seven kinds of incredible. Either that or someone at a record label actually knows what they're doing? Doubly novel.

A pretty extensive preview of the album is available on Waits' new website where you can download the first eight tracks in exhange for signing over an e-mail adress. Full tracklisting below.

Glitter and Doom:


01 Lucinda / Ain't Goin Down (Birmingham - 07/03/08)
02 Singapore (Edinburgh - 07/28/08)
03 Get Behind the Mule (Tulsa - 06/25/08)
04 Fannin Street (Knoxville - 06/29/08)
05 Dirt in the Ground (Milan - 07/19/08)
06 Such a Scream (Milan - 07/18/08)
07 Live Circus (Jacksonville - 07/01/08)
08 Goin' Out West (Tulsa - 06/25/08)
09 Falling Down (Paris - 07/25/08)
10 The Part You Throw Away (Edinburgh - 07/28/08)
11 Trampled Rose (Dublin - 08/01/08)
12 Metropolitan Glide (Knoxville - 6/29/08)
12 I'll Shoot the Moon (Paris - 07/24/08)
13 Green Grass (Edinburgh - 07/27/08)
14 Make It Rain (Atlanta - 07/05/08)
15 Story (Columbus - 06/28/08)
16 Lucky Day (Atlanta - 07/05/08)


01 Tom Tales

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Tom Waits Live Album Even More Bizarre Than One Could Reasonably Hope